This is Mesopartner’s Knowledge Repository and Playground on how to use insights from complex adaptive systems sciences and connected fields in our work in economic development and innovation promotion.

What you can do here:

  • Learn more about the Systemic Insight Process, a process to guide continuous exploration and learning.
  • Go to Knowledge Modules to read through the modules we have captured so far. On the right, you find a field where you can subscribe to receive updates whenever we publish new bits and pieces.
  • Go to Services to see what services we offer to our clients to help them build their capacity in facing complexity and uncertainty in economic development and innovation.
  • Go to Training to find out what training courses we offer for you to learn more about Systemic Insight and how you can improve your work in complex context.
  • Under Resources, you will find papers and think pieces that we have published over the last few years capturing our evolving understanding of development in complex contexts.
  • If you want to listen to a number of discussions we have had with interesting people, head over to the Podcast page to find the latest episodes of the Systemic Insight Podcast.

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