About Systemic Insight

The growing awareness of complexity in economy and society can have a paralysing effect on actors engaged in economic development and innovation promotion. We more and more understand that our traditional linear approaches to social and economic change are not ready to handle complexity. Still, the basic paradigm behind the predominant approaches has not changed.

Under the heading of Systemic Insight, finding ways to enable change makers and leaders to cope with complexity and uncertainty has been at the heart of Mesopartner’s research work over the last few years. We have thereby drawn from academic research and from our personal work experience.

This website is an attempt to collect the knowledge we have gained over this time – both as a knowledge repository for us but also as a place to share our learning and insights with our clients and beyond.

With Systemic Insight, Mesopartner is introducing a collection of knowledge modules combined with the principles we see underly any approach to change in the economy. We also present practical guidance for managing a process to complex systems change that we developed and continually use in our work in economic development and innovation promotion. This will enable organisations and practitioners to conduct a process of continuous exploration with a focus on learning and adjustment. The process can be applied in all different fields of economic development like local and regional economic development, (global) value chain development, making markets work for the poor, cluster development, innovation systems promotion, etc. The approach is based on the principles and ideas from complex adaptive systems research and many connected fields. It also takes into account that not all problems we are facing are complex and we need to be able to differentiate between different types of problems as we need to use different strategies to tackle them.

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