Here are some of the papers and think pieces that we have published as part of our ongoing research.

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Where organisations, sponsors and clients paid us to write something up, we credit them in the publications and link to the websites where these publications are made available.

CUNNINGHAM, S. & JENAL, M. 2016. Rethinking systemic change: Economic evolution and institutions. Technical Paper. London: The BEAM Exchange.

CUNNINGHAM, S. & JENAL, M. 2016. Rethinking systemic change: Economic evolution and institutions. Discussion Paper. London: The BEAM Exchange.

JENAL, M. & CUNNINGHAM, S. 2015a.  Economic development: introducing options, not bringing solutions. Institute for Development Studies Opinion.  Wach, E. & Thorpe, J. (Eds.). Institute for Development Studies (IDS). Sussex, UK. [Web]

JENAL, M. & CUNNINGHAM, S. 2015b.  Explore, scale up, move out – Three phases to managing change under conditions of uncertainty. IDS Bulletin, Vol. 26(3) Business, State and Society: Changing Perspectives, Roles and Approaches pp: 81-92.

JENAL, M. & CUNNINGHAM, S. 2014. Gaining systemic insight to strengthen economic development initiatives. Drawing on systems thinking and complexity theories to improve developmental impact. Mesopartner Working Paper 16: Mesopartner.

CUNNINGHAM, S. & JENAL, M. 2013. Gaining Systemic Insight. Concept paper. Mesopartner.

The Mesopartner Annual Reflection of 2014 contains several articles written by our Mesopartner team that covers a range of topics including:

  • Complexity – what is the fuss?
  • Designing and monitoring change initiatives when tackling complex problems?
  • Understanding the effect of complexity on our (Mesopartner) instruments and tools
  • Approaching our Mesopartner themes in a complexity sensitive way
  • Facilitation and complexity

This Annual Reflection was a reflection process by our team on how complexity thinking affects our work, and it laid an important foundation for the research and development we could do afterwards.

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